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    Reimagining the Equation:

    The 44000 Lives Behind
    Our Smartphones, Laptops, Electric vehicles.

    In the stark arithmetic of exploitation, consider this: Child laborer, toiling 8 to 10 hours a day, earns a mere $30 per month, adding up to $360 per year. Multiply this by the staggering number of 44,000 children, laboring in cobalt mines to power our devices, and the total reaches $15,840,000 annually.

    But amidst these numbers lies a beacon of hope

    A chance to rewrite their story. With just three years of freedom, we can offer these children the joy of school, the taste of liberty. The cost?  $47,520,000.

    Overhead costs: $3,000,000.

    With every frame, every scene, every line of dialogue, “Mamiwata’s Cobalt” fuels a movement—a movement to purchase three years of freedom for these trapped souls in Kolwezi’s cobalt mines.

    Together, let's redefine the math.

    Let’s spark a ripple of change that transcends screens
    & reverberates across generations.

    Join operation freedom & rescue these children
    from the mines of Kolwezi.

    “it is still possible to imagine a world in which ALL children are allowed to dream.”

    Mission Statement

    1 child laborer = $30 / month
    1 child laborer = $360 / year
    44,000 child laborers = $15,840,000 / year
    Price of freedom for 3 years for 44,000 child laborers = $47,520,000
    3 movie tickets to Mamiwata’s Cobalt = 1 month of freedom for 1 child laborer

    To Rescue 44000 Children From The Cobalt Mines of The DRC

    In Theaters in 2025

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