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DeNyond Entertainment & The Art For Life Pledge

Imagine a world where all children are allowed to dream, where the colors of life shine brighter,
What if you could ignite the spark of change, grasp the wheel, and propel us towards a tomorrow filled with hope?

At Denyonda ENT, we fervently believe that art and entertainment hold the key to healing our collective wounds.
Our mission is to engage the public in experiencing our art and content
while directing a substantial portion of their purchases towards addressing pressing societal issues.
This commitment is encapsulated in our “Art for Life” initiative,
where we pledge to allocate a significant share of our revenue to support
non-governmental organizations (NGOs) dedicated to effectively addressing social issues with transparency,
ensuring that no more than 10% of donations are allocated to administrative costs.

Our first film, “Mamiwata’s Cobalt” – an independent production shedding light on the impact of cobalt mining in the DRC,
with a specific focus on child labor. Our movie is a paranormal drama designed to raise awareness about the plight of these children,
whose futures are sacrificed in the pursuit of green energy.

In the words of Sidharta Kara, “Social change happens when a community of conscience bands together and drags the rest of humanity forward
with their force of will, their moral authority until an injustice is set right.”

Let us stand together, hands intertwined, to reimagine our world through the transformative power of art and entertainment.
Yearning to learn more? Come, join us on this extraordinary voyage. Mamiwata awaits, beckoning us toward a world reborn.

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